Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy 3 Week Birthday, Theo (One Day Late)

You look a little like an Ewok here

My handsome boy, you have started to get a little pep in your step. While you are still sleeping a lot, you tend to have longer waking moments during the day and at night. I've even been able to take some pictures of you with your eyes open.

You are a big eater, wanting to be fed every couple hours. That gives us a lot of time together... a LOT of time together.

You've been really patient with your sister. She is quite interested in you, thinking you are her very own little doll. I think your first words will be "Beatrice, leave your brother alone." Just when I start to lose my patience with her, she does something like she did this morning. Before heading off to Miss Maria's, she came over to you and kissed you tenderly on your forehead and whispered in your ear "I wub you too much." I melted into a puddle.

I love you little boy and I am really enjoying getting to know you.

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