Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lack of Cohesion

  • We watched the first episode of Treme. Defamer hit the nail on the head with its assessment. I really liked it but am kind of annoyed by the Steve Zahn character. I love me some Bunk and Freeman though. And I will always have a place in my heart for Dan Connor.

  • Why do doctors even prescribe eye drops for children under 18? Beatrice has a case of conjunctivitis (I refuse to call it pink eye after the scene from Knocked Up. I'm hoping Smurfette didn't smear feces all over her pillow to get her back for the months of crib exile.) So she woke up yesterday and her little eyes were sealed shut. When she realized she couldn't really open them, she yelped, all panicked "Can't see, can't see." It was pretty funny, in a heartbreaking kind of way. This morning I went to get her out of bed, armed with a warm washcloth to help cajole the eyes into opening. She heard me come in the room and goes "Can't see, can't see, need glasses." Where does she come up with this stuff?
  • Earlier this week on our way out of the house to Nanny's for dinner, I forgot to grab my keys. Of course I realized this after I locked the door. Doh! I couldn't find the spare key so I had to climb in the living room window. Hoisting my fat ass up through that window was nothing short of a miracle. I am so weak and so heavy! Beatrice was watching the whole time, thinking it was the funniest thing ever. As my ass was half way through and I was using all the strength I had to get the rest of my body trough the window, I heard my neighbor approaching "You OK there?" Mortifying.
  • I can't even watch the previews for Nightmare on Elm Street. I hate scary movies. I think I would cry if forced to watch it. We are actually going to the movies tomorrow night. I think we're going to see Greenberg. It's by the same guy that did The Squid and the Whale? Did you see that movie? It was odd but good. Although I always go back to that disturbing library scene?
  • I am headed to the Cape with the girls this weekend. I cannot wait for relaxation and girl time. The weather is supposed to be shite (is that an f'ing snowflake!). I did expect this to be the case though so as to keep in tradition with my history of vacation weather. Let's hope we fare better on our trip to Montreal next week. *

* Cory, Beatrice, and I are headed for a week's long stay to Montreal next Friday. I am looking forward to exploring a new city. We're staying here and we'll be eating at some of these places and some of these. I can't wait for a change of scenery.


  1. I thought the exact same thing about Treme. John Goodman was a little over the top as well. I'll give it another couple episodes until I decide to keep watching or not.

    Tell Cory "Bar Downtown" when you get to Montreal. I don't think you or Bea would enjoy it though.

  2. I think this is the first Montreal trip I heard of that includes an entire family.

    Have fun guys.

  3. I'm wondering why the "climb into your living room window" fiasco wasn't brought up on Tuesday? hmmmm

  4. Today's entry was hilarious. Bea's "need glasses" comment (very insightful for a 2 year old!) and you hoisting yourself through the window like a spectator sport - you poor thing! I love that you can find the humor in these situations. Hope the Chase family has a wonderful time in Montreal!

  5. We need to talk more...I shouldn't be hearing of you hoisting your butt thru a window over the internet. Enjoy the trip to Oh Canada!