Saturday, February 13, 2010

Moments in a Bottle

Hello Beatrice, it's been a while since I've written you a little note. Every day when you do something funny that catches my attention, I want to bottle that moment and remember it forever. I need to get better about writing these things down. Some of these latest gems include:

  • Every morning you insist upon watching an episode of Dory (Dora the Explorer.) Every night you insist on watching an episode of "The Beeeeers" (the Berenstain Bears.) You never want to mix it up and watch Dory at night and Beeeers in the morning. You are a creature of habit like your mama.
  • You've been pushing your boundaries lately like all nearly 2 year olds. We've been using the time out corner at least once a day for the past couple of weeks. Now when you know you've done something wrong, you say "Pout" (your version of the words, "time out.") Then you put yourself in the time out area and proceed to laugh and talk to the wooden statue of the little old man over there. I peeked in on you yesterday to find you kissing him. It took all I had to keep my composure. I think you are treating "Pouts" like a chance to steal a private moment with your new boyfriend.
  • You sleep with about 15 stuffed animals and 10 books. You love the feeling of being completely encapsulated. Every night, after we've tucked you in, you throw your Smurfette doll out the crib. When mama or daddy comes to get you in the morning, sure enough, she is on the ground, discarded to the side. I've asked you what happened with Smurfette and you've offered up a couple of concocted stories. Last story was that she pushed you. You put her in a "Pout" in the morning. Clearly Smurfette has committed some offense, I don't know that I'm buying the "pushing." Your father and I need to know the truth. Should charges of some sort be filed? Do I need to get Papa Smurf on the phone?
  • You are almost 2 years old. When I ask if you want a birthday party, you say "Yes, cake." I ask how old you're going to be and you say "Ten." Meanwhile, when anyone asks you anything about how many this is or how many that is, you always without fail say "Two."
  • When you realize there are two things that are the same you clink them together and say "cheers." Last night I had on a pink shirt and you had on a pink pair of pants. You sidled up to me and banged your leg against my arms, proclaiming "Cheers."
  • You are obsessed with having your picture taken. And you always insist on sitting on your stool up against the living room wall. Then you pose away.

  • The other night when you were watching 'The Beeeers', I put your hand on my belly so that you could feel your brother or sister move. You immediately lifted my shirt because I think you believe that the baby only exists if you can see my bellybutton. If my shirt is down covering my swollen belly, it doesn't count. You need skin on skin. This is fun when we're in public discussing the baby and you run over, without fail, to lift my shirt and expose all of my girth. After you put your hand on the naked belly, I expected you to hold it there for a minute, then take it off. But instead you left it there the for a long time. That was a really special moment for me as a mother. Thank you for that.

All of these moments are so special to me and I know that there are more to come. I am honored to be your mother and privileged to watch you change and grow. I love you, my precious girl.


  1. not gonna a little teary eyed.

  2. You are so good at documenting all the little moments. Beatrice is a lucky lady to have this in the future :)