Friday, March 5, 2010

Something Old, Something New (To Me)

I love thrift stores and consignment shops. In the past those haven't been the easiest to come by out here in the suburbs. Last year, after years of walking past Linda's Encore, I finally went in and was pleasantly surprised to find some great clothes. I got this vintage sparkle-tastic blazer there. My sister lovingly calls it the Delta Burke blazer (only $15).

Last night, I drove through our town center to find an Open sign blowing in the wind outside another consignment shop called All Together Now (no website yet). This one is much cooler than Linda's Encore with lots of kitsch, records, posters, old books. The owner is quite the character. I was over-hearing her speaking with another customer about some stuff she had out back... a case of 30 year old whiskey and 40 year old champagne. I think some stuff falls off the back of trucks but I'm not asking any questions. I need to befriend her so I can get my hands on that booze. I ended up leaving with a vintage copy of Alice in Wonderland (only $8). I should have bought a couple more items but I convinced myself "I don't really need them." So of course, I'll be going back for them today.

I hope both of these stores stay around and stay hidden gems. I love the idea of buying things with history.

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  1. I will pay top dollar for a "Dark Side of the Moon" vinyl.