Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Most Craptastic Week Ever

This week started off great with Cory returning from his weekend jaunt to California. Beatrice and I were very happy to welcome him home and he was happy to see us, though bleary eyed from the red eye flight. Fast forward to Monday night, the 2 of us foot deep in basement water. We've lived in our house for 5 years and never seen even a drop of water down there. Mother Nature done stuck it to all of us. As of this morning, there was still one strip of water seeping in. It just won't stop! Hopefully the dry weather in the foreseeable future will help. My poor husband can't take it any more. He's working with a combined 5 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours. Not to mention the drone of that wet vac and pump is enough to make anyone go crazy.

Just to make things even more craptastic, my tailbone decided to blow up (that's my medical diagnosis anyways.) Over the past couple of weeks, I've noticed some slight shooting pains in the tailbone region every couple of days. Nothing that crazy, I'm old, these things are par for the course. Yesterday, after driving home from work, I stepped out of my car and sneezed. Pop, my tailbone exploded. There's some serious pain here, folks. I'm hoping its a muscle thing (?) that will go away today.

So this has been an uplifting post. Let me see if I can find the "it could always be worse" angle. Well, we did clear out some junk from the basement. We've been meaning to do that, not so much in the emergency fashion of Monday night, but it got done. What else... Oh, I have survived 2 days of Breaking Nighttime Eating Habit. Maybe the silver lining of blowing up my tailbone is that it's harder to get up and down from the couch for snacks.

Oh ya, Happy St. Patrick's Day. Drink up for me.


  1. Jul, that is craptastic. Hoping that the basement dries up soon. and that the bowling alley is still in tact? As for the tailbone...ouch. Babe must be sitting on it wrong? Lets hope it heals soon, but you're right its a blessing in disguise that you can't get up as often for a snack!

  2. Ahh, so THIS is why the week was hellacious. Poor Chase Family! You're right - you've completed your obligation with 3 bad things - enough already! Hope your bum issue gets beter quickly!!