Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Re-Cap

I am 10 days into this 21 Days To Break a Habit thing. I would say that week 1 was much easier than week 2. I've been about 75% successful. I cheated last Friday night but it was the weekend. Then I cheated last night because I had baked a sour cream coffee cake (or coppee cake as Bea calls it) and I had to taste test it. But not to worry, I was punished for my transgressions. I went into my room to watch Parks and Recreation (basketball has taken over the living room) with the cake and a glass of milk. I put the milk down to adjust my pillow behind my back and bam, I knocked the glass of milk over. Shattered glass and spilled milk everywhere. That's what I get for breaking the rules.

In other news, my tailbone is feeling a bit better. Sitting in hard chairs and driving aren't my friends yet but hopefully we'll get there.

Cory and I are headed to Portsmouth tomorrow for an overnight. I love Portsmouth. It will be nice to get away, just the 2 of us. I am trying to keep us busy before this baby comes because this last trimester is taking forever!

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