Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day Recap

Valentine's Day fell nicely this year over the long weekend. Cory and I made a delicious dinner on Saturday night (if I do say so myself.) We made braised short ribs, turnip greens, and horseradish cream. We modified the recipe we found here. It was a bit involved but well worth it if you have the time.

On Valentine's morning, I woke up to find a lovely note... best use of the Magna Doodle to date.
I made our traditional pink crepes and then we exchanged gifts.
My sister and I had made a little cape for Beatrice. She had been asking for one for months because Swiper, of Dora fame, has one. So I was all excited to give it to her. I had the camera ready to capture her expression. Lately when she opens a gift, she charmingly puts her hands to her mouth and says, "Oh gosh."

She excitedly accepted the present, tore it open, took one look at the cape, and threw it to the floor, muttering "no, no, no." I desperately explained to her what it was, I modeled it, I tried to force her to wear it. Nothing, she wanted no part of it. Later in the day I asked her where the cape was (knowing that it was in her drawer where I placed it) and she replied, "Trash." Then she proceeded to go into the kitchen and lift the trash barrel lid to look for it. Wow, I am raising an ingrate.

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