Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beatrice's 2nd Birthday Re-Cap

This past weekend, we had the whole family over for Beatrice's 2nd birthday celebration. The turkey did not poison anyone. As a precaution, not only did I make Cory eat some on Friday night, I had him nibble a wing on Saturday morning too. Can't be too careful.
We don't entertain both of our families together very often so it was fun to see everyone interact. We are really lucky to have 2 (somewhat) normal families that blend well. Beatrice, true to form, was a bit shy and somewhat shell-shocked to have everyone over at once. It totally blew her mind to have all of her favorite people under our roof at once (all her aunties, her cousins, both grandmothers, all uncles, ahhhhh!)
She was really funny opening her presents. Every time she got a stuffed animal, she ran into her room to deposit in her crib. Every time she got a book, she ran over to her cousin, Camryn, and instructed her to read it.
Tomorrow is Beatrice's actual birthday so I'll post more then.


  1. I can't believe she is 2 already! I feel like I was just visiting you guys in the hospital when she was born! Happy Birthday, Bea!

  2. Great job on the party Momma! She looks like she had a blast. Can't believe she is 2 today. Time flies. Happy Birthday Beatrice!

  3. Happy Birthday Beatrice~2 years old! Wow does time fly by....hope she has a wonderful day!!!