Monday, December 21, 2009

Let It Snow

It snowed about 10-12 inches here. This weekend's storm was a repeat of last year's storm-- same weekend, same snow, same deal. Unfortunately I had to cancel my cookie party for the second year in a row. I am taking Mother Nature's hint and moving it to another weekend next year. Cookies in July sounds good.

Beatrice was a bit under the weather so there was a lot of lounging. And bagel eating (so apropos based on Friday's post.) She is now obsessed with 'toes' as she calls them (she's trying to say 'toast.') We took her on Saturday morning to the best bagel purveyor north of NYC, Rosenfeld's in Newton. We didn't get out of the store before she was chanting, 'sit, eat, sit, eat." We settled in at a coffee shop and she inhaled her first bagel in about 2.5 minutes. Little did we know it would just be the start of bagel-palooza. That's literally all she ate all weekend long. I had to freeze the rest for fear she'd get scurvy from lack of fruits and vegetables. Her grandfather would be so proud of his 1/4 Jewish granddaughter.

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