Friday, December 18, 2009

Bagels, Bagels, and More

I think this baby is going to be born with a bagel in his/her mouth. I can honestly count on one hand how many days of this pregnancy I've gone without eating a bagel. I can't keep my mitts off the delicious bastards. As I write this I am in Bruegger Bagel's contemplating getting a second one. I have problems.

I hope you all have a great weekend. Hopefully you aren't too stressed with holiday nonsense. Enjoy the twinkling lights, the earthy smell of pine, the clink your glass makes when you toast one another, and the magic that only happens but once a year.

In a semi-related note, last night's advent task was to watch a holiday movie. We opted for Four Christmases. It was cute, for that kind of movie. I still have a major crush on Vince Vaughn. I saw a better movie last week on the plane home from CA- Julie and Julia. (Meryl Streep is a goddess.) I saw a not so good one on the way to CA- Funny People. (I may be in the minority but I just don't find Adam Sandler to be that funny anymore. The guy from Parks and Recreation did have some funny scenes though.) I guess I am a regular Siskel (wait was he the fat or skinny one?)

P.S. Extra points to the Framingham-ers out there who can tell me where the blog post title comes from.


  1. OMG Cory's comment - HAHAAA. Eat a dozen bagels for me. At least you have an excuse.

  2. Duh, the Blaustine's ustah own it. On Route 9 I used to skip school, head over in Yaffe's corolla bangs hairsprayed up, just about skiming the roof, listening to S&P and never left without a Peach snapple and plain cream cheese on a braided bagel twist, sick!...Oh the good old days!!!

  3. What a portrait you just painted with your words, sister. Beatiful!

    Why don't they make bagel twists anymore? It's like the donut crueller version of the bagel. When one donut or one bagel isn't enough, you gotta go the crueller/twist route.

  4. umm, donuts and bagels.....I'm getting hungry. I love me some good carbs!