Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rubber Ducky

Last night while I knelt beside the bathtub, you giggled and squealed as you splashed around. I leaned forward and put my face atop the bathwater and blew out like a motorboat. You looked at me, both impressed and surprised that I had done that. Usually this kind of silliness goes on between you and Daddy.

I did it a couple more times while you watched intently. I coaxed you into trying it yourself and much to my surprise you dove right in. (You are usually more of a cautious child.) You made the right sound on the very first try and didn't inhale any water. Daddy walked into the bathroom and you motioned to him to watch as you slowly dunked your face in the water and blew out. When you lifted your head, water running down your face, you smiled ear to ear, so proud of your latest accomplishment.

Thank you for letting me teach you new things.

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