Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Those Dreaded Words

Here is Bea hamming it up in preparation for Picture Day. She chose the Spring Bench background instead of the plain brown one. She came downstairs all dressed, casting aside the outfit I had laid out for her, favoring this Easter Egg-themed one instead. This totally screams "SPRING."

When she got home that afternoon, I started to empty out her backpack.
Beatrice: "Mommy, look they gave us all combs."
Me: "Oh cool" (not really paying attention)
Beatrice: "I said I didn't want to comb my hair so Mrs. Lowell did it for me"
Me, finally looking up from emptying her bag, "Noooooooooooooo"

Mr precious girl was sporting quite the bouffant head of hair.

Cory rounded the corner, overhearing our conversation, spotted Bea's wild 'do and told her, "They always used to try and comb my hair before pictures. You just say "No Way."

Mothers of curly haired girls, would you ever comb through your daughter's dry hair?!? Clearly Mrs. L is the mother of straight haired girls.

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