Thursday, November 8, 2012

Yay America

I don't typically rant political on this blog but this week's event must not go undocumented. I think America got it right.
Beatrice for Obama, circa 2008
A little voting story. I dropped this kids off at day care on Tuesday morning. As I was getting Beatrice out of the car she said "Mama can you wait for me to vote? I want to see what it's like." Dang it. I had the perfect plan to vote after the gym around 10:30, a totally random and hopefully quiet time. But how could I deny my girl the chance to see the democratic process in action.

I picked the kids up a little early so we could maybe beat the rush. I ended up in traffic on the way to get them and then on the way to vote we sat in bumper to bumper traffic. Oh well. It gave us time to discuss very important things like who the kids would vote for.  Beatrice "I am voting for Miff Romeney because I don't really like Obama's hair."  Theo "I vote for Barack Obama." His pronunciation of our President's name is alarmingly accurate for a  2 year old. Way better than some old white newscasters in 2008.

So we finally roll into the gymnasium polling spot. There are tons of people milling about, its pretty hectic but no lines. Woohoo. We check in, get our ballet, go to our little cubby, I fill in the circles, and then we deposit the ballot into the machine. The kids were pretty jazzed. As we are walking to the exit, Theo grabs my hand and pulls me back. I look down at him and he shrugs, hands in  the 'what the hell' position "No Barack Obama?" Little mister thought if he was casting his vote for Barack, the least the SOB could do is be there to shake his hand. Valid point.

Beatrice and I laughed all the way to the car about this (I'm not sure she wasn't thinking the same thing as her brother but she's at the age where she's learning to play it cool.)  She told Theo "Presidents stay in Washington DC. They don't come to Ashland." That led me to recall a time when then-President Bill Clinton came to my high school to sign an Education Act. It was pretty cool to be in our high school gym, with him up on stage.  I do hail from the largest town in America ... not sure that Ashland is on any President's radar. It is home of the first electric clock though. So there's that.

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