Thursday, October 18, 2012

Solar, Solar

We've gone solar. Through a government run program, our casa now sports 18 solar panels. The solar company installed them and managed the entire project at no cost to us. We don't technically own the system (we didn't have the $30K to shell out!) Basically they lease our roof and we pay for the energy that is generated.  We are not responsible for the maintenance or repair. The energy generated from the sun will cost us a few cents less than mainstream energy. But we didn't really do it for the cost savings. We did it more for the environment and our kids and grandkids' future (queue violin music.) We should be able to get about 50% of our household energy use from solar. I keep waiting for Al Gore to show up at my house and hug me. Al...I'm waiting. 

Don't worry, lest you think I've gone 'too green' on you. I pull my gas guzzling SUV right up to that house every day. And we did have to cut down a huge 100 year old tree to make sure we had optimal sun exposure.

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