Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Do Something New: October 2012

In keeping with my renewed goal to do something new each month, I ran a 5K on Sunday. I am not a runner. Let me repeat, I am not a runner. I am so much of  a non-runner, I didn't even recognize Bill Rogers when we were side by side with him in the race. Cory did the race with me and of course finished before me. The guy who doesn't work out. The guy whose never run a 5K.  Not only did he beat me, he beat me with ease. In my defense I only lost to him by less than a minute. More importantly, I set a goal for myself to finish under 30 minuets. I finished at 26:30. Pretty pleased that these stubby little Portuguese legs got me to the finish line.

The folks who organized the race are trying to make it an Ashland tradition. The 1/2 marathon ran right by the bottom of our street. It would be fun to hang out there next year and cheer on the runners (after my celebratory 5K beer of course.)

We did the race in memory of our friend's father who passed away this year. He was an avid runner who died on his way to a marathon. He would have definitely been running this 1/2 marathon if he was alive. He knew the course well, with its long hills and windy roads. RIP, Phil.

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