Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sicky, Sick

For the past couple of days, Beatrice has had a night-time fever. After she wakes up, she's fine and ready to take on the day. Last night, she crawled into our bed at some ungodly hour.  I didn't even know she was between us until I heard a shriek and a cry "Daddy, punched my nose." Daddy, or Mr.Knees and Elbows landed a good one on my baby girl. I don't blame him entirely, she was pretty stealth in getting into bed with us.
I do however blame him for having thepointiest elbows and knees and for being the world's most active dreamer.

This morning, Bea was still fever-y and low appetite (a rarity) so we decided to keep her home from daycare. I left her in her pajamas, under covers, watching PBS.  Cory sent me this photo at about 11am.
Sick on the inside. Snazzy on the outside. Note the sequined pants and headband. 

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