Wednesday, February 22, 2012

4th Birthday - JetBlue Style

While we were in Virginia this past week, my sister threw an early birthday party for Beatrice since she won't be with us on Beatrice's actual birthday. She gave Beatrice a Birthday Princess crown that she wore the duration of the trip. On our way back home, while boarding the airplane the flight attendant noticed her crown and informed us that Birthday Princesses get to sit in the cockpit. The pilot jumped out of his seat and ushered her into the pilot's seat. So much for TSA security in our nation's capital!

Then while we walked down the aisle towards our seats the flight attendant announced "I'd like us all to wish Beatrice a happy 4th birthday." People were high-fiving her and clapping. She was loving it.


  1. Such a cute little princess! Happy Birthday,beautiful Bea!

  2. She looks so happy!!! And a bit scary about the lack of security though? Happy 4th bday Bea!!