Monday, November 21, 2011

Bit By the Crafting Bug

All of these endless hours of perusing Pinterest have inspired me to actually 'do' stuff. I've had a Thanksgiving banner bookmarked for years so I finally scoured my craft area and found the materials. It makes me smile when I look out from the kitchen to the yard. I might leave it up year round. Its a good reminder! (I couldn't get a clear photo-- It says "Give Thanks.")

I made a wreath similar to this one. I didn't have burlap so I used some Ikea curtain remnants that I had laying around. I need to make a couple more rosettes and figure out how to hang it in a prettier way. It's a work in progress. (My pic sucks but I'm too lazy to take it with the good camera-- the iPhone camera will have to do.)

I found a way to organize all of my makeup. I must waste at least 3 precious minutes a day trying to find what I need in my makeup bag (when your whole beuty regime takes only 5 minutes, that's a lot of lost time.) I saw a good idea on pinterest to take an old cookie sheet, spray paint it, cover it in craft paper, hang on your wall, then add magnets to the backs of your makeup. Voila!

I want to make this wreath but they get you comin' and goin' for those styrofoam balls. They are $5/4 at the craft store. Any green/cheap ideas to replace the balls? I already have yarn from my knitting days (I need to get back on that.)

And finally, this one isn't really a craft, but more of a tip. I tried this pretty "sock" hairbun. It's a nice alternative to the messy knot I wear on my head most days. (Instructions here.)

What have you been craftin' up lately?

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  1. The closest thing I've done to crafting this decade is shredding paper at work. I better see that sock bun in effect when I come over...