Thursday, September 29, 2011

Random Musings

We're back from vacation. It was fantastic. A longer vacation re-cap is coming. For now, I am just trying to make it to the weekend so that I can go to bed early and catch up on my sleep. My kids didn't get the memo that you are supposed to sleep later and more frequently on vacation. We also came home to a newly painted house (yay!) so we have to get everything back in order. Pictures of that to come soon too.

Just some random nonsense now.

This article from Mindy Kaling is damn funny. I love her. And I love the New Yorker. I need to add a subscription to my Christmas wish list. It's never too early to start that list.

I read Tina Fey's Bossypants on vacation. You should get it. It was really good. How's that for a descriptive endorsement.

Cory and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary last week. I am one lucky lady. Our trip to St. John was our gift to eachother. I just looked up the traditional gift for 6 years (yes, I'm cheesy like that) and it is sugar. How apropos as St. John was once a Dutch sugar colony. The island is filled with ruins from the sugar mills. But really the best gift he's ever given me are these treasures.

On vacation Beatrice came up with a new thing. Every time you'd wear something she liked, she'd say "Mama, can you save that for me?" or "Auntie, can you save that for me?" Man, I love the stage she's in right now. It warms my heart to think that she finds my style 'cool.' I hope that doesn't change for at least another 5 years.

Theo started day care today. (We're sending him 2 days a week with Beatrice to her in-home daycare.) I left the house to head into work, totally forgetting today was the day we started this new schedule. Cory texted me, asking where the nanny was. Oops... today was the day to get both the kids out the door to day care. I didn't even give my littlest one some extra lovins' and a pep talk before I left the house. I am sucking at this mother of 2 thing.

I started reading the Junie B. Jones series with Beatrice. This is the first line I read aloud:
I'm Junie B. Jones! The B stands for Beatrice, only I do not like Beatrice. I just like B.
Beatrice gasped in horror. I probably should have screened that line before reading it verbatim. Damn, Junie, that's some f-ed up stuff.

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