Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy 11 Months, Theo

Happy 11 month birthday, my sweet boy. You are just one month shy of your first birthday. These past months have flown by. Its been wonderful to watch you learn so many new things.

Your latest favorite past time includes playing with the oven tray (and hiding your shoes in there.)

You are also enjoying 'tasting' everything, including mulch, dirt, acorns, grass, dust bunnies.

Mealtimes have become quite a messy challenge. You refuse to let us spoon feed you. We basically have to trick you while you are attempting to hand feed yourself. We slide in the spoon full with the precision of a stealth fighter pilot. The other day I was cleaning out the freezer and came to your shelf of baby food. There are only a couple of containers left and I realized that I won't be needing to make you any more. You'll just eat what we're eating. All of these firsts are beginning to end.

You have 6 teeth. They are sharp as a shark's. You aren't aware of that. I am when I get in there to do a grass or mulch finger sweep and get a razor sharp bite in return. Thankfully you've had all your shots.

Sometimes when the days are gray and my heart is heavy, I take one look at you and your sister and the clouds and weight disspiate. You are easy to love and a joy to have as a son, Theo.

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