Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things" Party

Ya'll know I love me a theme party. I can't get enough of the them. A couple of weeks ago, I hosted a "These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things" party. Each guest had to bring their favorite thing (under $5) to share with the other guests. There ended up being 9 of us which was a lovely number. We shared our favorite things with each other and ate and drank the night away. I am truly blessed with such a wonderful gaggle of women friends.
Here are some of the details. I kept the menu simple, just finger foods. I love a smorgasbord of eats rather than one big meal.
After we ate, we shared our favorite things. Some of my girls' favorite things have now become my favorite things!

There really is nothing better than an evening of laughing, drinking, and girl time! Host your own. It's a lot of fun!

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