Thursday, January 27, 2011

See You Later, Arkansas

I am aware that we live in a very liberal part of the U.S. of A. Just last weekend, while on my January's sister's date, I was pleasantly reminded of this. Sidebar: This month we got a deal on to get our makeup done at A Matter of Face in the North End. I can't say enough fantastic things about the place. It was so much fun. And because my sister is the best, she added in a mystery appointment before hand to get our hair washed and blown out. What a wonderful day of pampering.

So where was I, oh yes, the affirmation of our region's liberal mindset. So the topic of Oprah's upcoming "big reveal" came up. We were all conjecturing as to what news she was going to share. The usuals came up-- her and Stedman are married, she has a living child, she's gay, etc. I probably should mention who was involved in the conversation. So it was me, my sister, Paula (the makeup artist), her employee Bridget (a 45ish North End resident), and a local older Italian woman who came in to chit chat. Regarding the last point, the ladies didn't think that Oprah would reveal she was gay because it wouldn't be shocking enough. They wondered what was the big deal if Oprah was gay. They pointed out that in this day and age this shouldn't be a secret. Firstly, that warmed my heart to hear these women say that. They were of a different generation and definitely raised in a more traditional manner. But then I reminded them that we live in quite a liberal, open minded (to some degree) area. The coasts are not the South or Middle America.

I'll step off my soap box in a minute but not before I share this gem with you. Seriously, some parts of this country should be annexed. I, for one, won't miss them.

UPDATE: Harps has removed the 'family shield.' Their statement can be found here.

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