Monday, January 31, 2011

Meal Planning

UPDATED AT 8:35am: I just remembered I am going away this weekend. No dinner to cook Friday night. Yahoo! We'll move the salmon to next week.

Monday- Nanny's
Tuesday- Chicken Wild Rice Soup (thanks, Melissa!)
Thursday- Lime Chicken Tacos (thanks, Caitlin!)
Friday- Salmon* over mixed greens

*I'll cook extra salmon because both of my kids LOVE it. I had some left over from last weekend so I mushed it up and mixed it with ricotta cheese to make a sort of salmon mousse for Theo. Beatrice asked to taste it and much to my surprise she really liked it. Every day since then she's asked if we're having it for dinner. I'm sure when I give it to her next time she'll claim she "doesn't care for it" (her latest line.) Gotta love toddlers.

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