Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy 6 Month Birthday, Baby Boy Chase

My Precious Theo,

Sorry mama is one day late on your birthday post. Christmas is just around the corner and life is very hectic. I think you are used to things being a little chaotic. You tend to roll with the punches pretty well. Considering we moved only 6 weeks after you were born, you are used to all of this madness!

So these last 6 months have flown by. You are getting bigger and bigger. You are eating solid food. So far you've liked everything that's passed your spoon (green beans, carrots, yams, sweet potatoes, avocado, applesauce, bananas, kiwis.) MAybe we'll try brussel sprouts tonight.

You are sitting up now too. A couple of weeks ago we were all hanging out watching cartoons and I said to Daddy, "I think he's supposed to be sitting up soon." Then Daddy turned to you and sat you up and lo and behold, you stayed upright. Who knows how long you've had this trick up your sleeve.

You are also growling now which is very funny, er I guess scary. I think that's your intended effect. Or maybe you're trying to sound like a pirate?

Each morning when I get you from your crib, you are all smiles. Your legs are kicking and you are chomping at the bit to start your day. You can't wait to drink up all the day has to offer. I hope you never lose that enthusiasm.

Some mornings you sleep later than your sister. On those mornings, she asks over and over again "my brudder (brother) waking up yet?" She waits and waits for you to awake then bursts into your room and climbs into your crib. She kisses you a million times and as I watch this I a,m again reminded of how blessed I am.

When you were in my belly, I often imagined what life would be like as a family of four. I could never have imagined the love I'd feel for you. It's entirely the same as the love I have for your sister yet entirely different.

About a week after you were born, Beatrice insisted I sing her a song at bedtime. After our 5th rendition of "Wheels on the Bus" I made up a little ditty. She's had me sing it almost every night since.
I love my Beatrice, she's such a good girl
I love my Beatrice, she's the best girl in the world
I love my Theo, he's such a good boy
I love my Theo, he brings me such joy
I love your Daddy, he's such a good man
I love your Daddy, he's the best Daddy in the land

You truly are my joy in life. Thank you for choosing me to be your mama. I love you.

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