Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Monthly Give- December 2010

For this month's give, we are participating in my sister's work Holiday Helper program. I didn't post about this because I know most everyone who reads this blog is participating in their own giving this holiday season. I'll post January's Monthly Give in a couple of weeks.

On a related note, we've been talking to Beatrice a lot about giving to those in need. She's really embraced collecting toys and books she no longer uses to donate to "kids whose parents no have no money to get them none books or toys." We emptied our piggy banks so we could put the change into the Salvation Army kettles. We also talked about how we're getting together with our friends soon to bake cookies for the Miracle Kitchen.

The other day Cory asked her if she wanted to go outside to collect sticks for fireplace kindling. She queried "We collectin' sticks for kids that's parents have no money to buy them sticks." She is really embodying the spirit of giving this holiday season!

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