Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010 Re-Cap

Christmas 2010 has come and gone. Our first Christmas as a family of four was a success. We had our first proper get together at our new house, hosting both families for Christmas Eve. We did exactly what you are not supposed to do when hosting lots of people and made an entire menu of items we had never cooked. We like a challenge and decided to do a Southern Christmas- bourbon glazed ham, braised short ribs, grits, collards, candied yams, green beans, cornbread and red velvet cake. Everything came out great (if I do say so myself.) It was a great night. In all of the chaos we did manage to get a couple of photos. Poor Theo only lasted about 15 minutes before having to be put to bed.

He did open his eyes for a split second and my sister snapped this pic.

Poor Theo is not looking like he's enjoying his first Christmas. Luckily we got this shot the next morning when he was well rested.

Christmas morning both kids slept in until 8am. I was getting bored waiting for them to wake up. Beatrice enjoyed the gift opening melee. She tore through every present (including our's and Theo's.) Gift opening took about 3 hours because she wanted to set up and play with every toy she opened. Theo had to take a nap during the madness. One item she was not pleased with was the blue rollerskates Santa delivered. "Blue is for boy's. Santa bring wrong skates." Santa blew it.

After gift opening, we went to Cory's grandmother's where Beatrice proceeded to vomit down her dress not 15 minutes after arriving (luckily we made it to the bathroom.) Note to self: pack extra dress next year. After she literally tossed her cookies (note to self: no cookies for breakfast next Christmas) she told me "Mama, I eat too much sood (food)." I asked her if she wanted to lay down and drink some water and she told me "No, I play with my cousins. I think I be OK by dessert." A definite puke and rally moment. From there we went to my mom's house, then my aunt's. It was a long day but so nice to celebrate with family. We were all pooped by the end of the night.

2 things to note in this photo: check out their chins. A related story: when Beatrice was born, the first thing all of our visitors told us was how much she looked like Cory and how she totally had his chin. Both Cory and I never realized he had such a distinct chin. For months he couldn't understand what people meant. Finally I took a profile photo of the both of them to demonstrate. This photo is another clear illustration of the chin. Another thing in this photo, although its hard to discern in black and white, is the ring of chocolate around my girl's mouth. I think its permanent.

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