Friday, December 3, 2010

Celebrity Rehab

Have you been watching Celebrity Rehab 4? I caught the first episode last night. Janice Dickinson is batshit, Leif Garrett wears manscara and manliner and looks like a wannabe Brett Michaels, Julia Robert's brother is addicted to pot (dude, really?!?), one of the London twins from Party of Five maybe faked getting kidnapped and forced to do drugs, the rich guy who is famous for being rich is a dick, the Tiger Woods slut wants to change her image, and the drunk, racist guy who thinks he's famous for dating Lauren Conrad from Laguna Beach and The Hills. Then there's a crackhead/former prostitute/former felon that's being billed as Keisha Cole's mother. I am too lazy to google Keisha Cole. Should I know who that is?
I definitely see a "series recording" in my DVR's future.
One final thought: Dr. Drew Pinsky, why on earth do you 'care' about these people?

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