Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Why Parents Hate Parenting

I came across this interesting article from New York magazine, All Joy and No Fun: Why Parents Hate Parenting. It definitely resonates on those tough days where you feel like trading in all the diapers, spit up, tantrums, and baby/toddler wrangling for a glass of wine and a movie. Many points in the article hold true for me. Unfrotunately I am not a "roses and sunshine, every day with my kids is a blessing" mother. Sometimes I wish I was more like that but when I read that article I felt justified in not feeling that way all the time. Data proves that parents have a rough go of it.

After reading the article, I reflected on the moments where I wouldn't trade anything for a life with kids. Like last night when Beatrice was watching cartoons while Theo laid next to her. She didn't know that I was watching them from the bathroom. She leaned over close to his face and smooched him. And he smiled ever so brightly. It was such a sweet and unprompted gesture. It made me realize why we signed on for this crazy life.

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