Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hello Stranger: UPDATED

I've been such a slacker on posting lately. Things have been busy as usual. Just a couple of stories that are on my mind. I need to jot them down for posterity's sake.

1) Wheels on the Bus: This is Beatrice's latest obsession. I must sing this song about 5 times a day. The most recent rendition occurred at 2am this morning. Bea awoke crying after a nightmare and wanted me to sing the ditty. I sing it so much I now make up things that are on the bus. The other night I threw in a lion. Beatrice quickly informed me that lions don't ride on buses.
2) Beatrice's greetings to Theo in the morning: She's like the friend in Mr. Belvedere.* Remember the one that would always call Mr. Belvedere the wrong name. Well every morning, Theo gets a new name. Notable ones include Big Little Boy, Handsome Debil (Devil), Julian (she thinks its hysterical to call him by his cousin's name), and Pun-Punch (we have no idea where this last one came from.)

I forgot to mention the best nickname to date. So since we kind of already named our kid a nickname, we haven't really come up with many alternate nicknames. Unless you count the long-name his father has taken to calling him...Theodore. This enrages me. If I wanted to call him Theodore, I would have named him that. And you know how these things end...first you start calling the boy a silly name and then it sticks and next thing you know, he's Theodore for life. Or TheoDora as his sister calls him. There is no end to this obsession with Dora.

Must run to feed baby. Speaking of which, Theo is doing great. He is 2 months old going on 2 years old. He is all about holding his head up, getting up on his forearms, and trying to stand when you hold him in your lap. He is smiling and cooing now too. He is the best.

* I wish I could watch some reruns of that show. I loved it.

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