Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Couple of Stories Involving Urine

The move was a success. No one had to go to the hospital. Nothing was damaged, including marriages. We are pretty much settled in. That's what happens when you and your husband (and other family members ) suffer from a touch of the OCD.

So we can cross off all of the items from last week's To Do List. This week's list is even longer but I'm too tired to type it out.

The kids are doing well adjusting to their new house. Although Theo has decided to get a personality all of a sudden. It happens to be one that includes a lot of fussing. Well, a lot might be an overestimation but when his crabbiness is in full force at 12 am, 2am, and 4am, it feels like a lot. And oddly he is on an every other night schedule since we've been in the house. The first night we were here he was up every hour, second night he was fine, next night he was naughty, and so on. To add insult to injury his sister is in a similar fussy pattern but on opposite nights. No rest for the weary.

A couple of stories while they're fresh in my mind. The other day I was changing Theo on the coffee table and Beatrice was right front and center as she is with all of his diaper changes (is that odd... "Mama, I see, I see. He do poops?") I was off my a-game and didn't put a washcloth over his junk. Yup you guessed it, fire hose force spray all over Beatrice's face. The best part was that she was totally unfazed. I don't think she recognized the taste of urine just yet.

Yesterday I was feeding Theo and Beatrice was throwing a fit. She was crying about something or other and as a result peed her pants. I put Theo down to clean her up. As I rounded the corner with the paper towels, she ran towards me slipping in her puddle, falling flat on her face in her own urine. She cried harder. This time she recognized the taste of urine.

Unfortunately I am still off of my a-game and did not get a photo of either of these incidents. I need to get back to taking photos, at least before Theo goes off to college.

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