Monday, June 28, 2010

Some Doozies From My First Born

Beatrice has been coming up with some great one liners lately.

"I no like you, mommy. I only wub (love) Theo and Daddy." -- This comment was made after I had woken up with her at 6am, after Theo's last feeding from 4-4:30am. I've been trying (as much as physically possible) to spend some alone time with her in the morning so she can get that one-on-one attention. That's the thanks I get.

"Mommy, I angry at you." -- Where on earth did she get that phrase? We never tell her we're angry at her... we might say she is misbehaving or being naughty. Are you sensing a theme so far. My little girl is having a tough time sharing us with the new baby. While she loves the baby, she is a bit "angry."

"Mommy, him cute." -- She often refers to Theo as 'him' or 'that baby'

"What that baby doin'?"

"Mommy, him want his nails pierced?" (For some reason she calls painting your nails, piercing your nails.) Last week, she insisted that I paint her toenails when she discovered my fresh pedicure. My little diva!

"I need binky in my moup (mouth.) I a baby."-- She had a pretty good binky habit back in the day. I've caught her taking a couple of tugs here and there but no major relapse (yet.)

"Daddy, you bein' a bad boy. Time to go to your room."

"I watch Dora Christmas." -- Ironically she has been obsessed with Dora's Christmas Special. The moral of the story has to do with ending up on Santa's Naughty List. Do you think someone is scared of her odds come December? Every time the closing credits come up, she reiterates to no one in particular, "I no on naughty list." Don't think we aren't using the fear of the naughty list already, albeit 7 months until Santa is due to show up. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I've saved the best for last. The other night when I was reading her books, she pointed to my buxom chest and said "I thirsty." Evidently she wants to eat the way her brother does. Oh good God! I've smartened up so that every time I feed Theo, I have her sippy cup handy.

She is defintely keeping us on our toes. She has a definite naughty streak that has reared its head as of late. At least she cracks me up with her antics.

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  1. Love it! It must be so hard to hold in the laughter! I don't think she can get any cuter...