Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mother of the Year

I think I am still in the running for mother of the year.

That's some questionable parenting. I guess I can ease up on the mother guilt every time I forget to take my prenatal vitamin, or take a Tylenol, or can't play with Beatrice because I am coughing up a lung on my sick bed.

Did I mention I am currently battling the worst cold of my life? I haven't been this sick since college. I am doing my best to get rid of this malaise before the baby comes next week. I'm also trying to stay away from Beatrice and Cory. Beatrice was not too happy this morning to find me still laying in bed, tissues strewn about. She pleaded with me to come watch 'toons with her. I explained through the mucus haze that I couldn't get out of bed. She responded by scurrying away, then returning to club me in the face with one of her plastic dress up high heels...feel better, mama.

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