Friday, June 11, 2010


Thank you, Big Baby. And a shout out to Nate Robinson. I owe you guys one. Now please go on and take the next 2 games. We need to get this wrapped up before Wednesday, 6/16. Thanks in advance.

Conversation I just had with my husband.

Cory: So can we talk?
Me: Does this have to do with the Celtics?
Cory: So if this does get to Game 7 on Thursday night, we'll need to discuss me going to Ryan's to watch the game.*
Me: [no words, just incredulous look on my face]
Cory: Nothing to worry about now, we'll cross that bridge if we get there. Let's just focus on the baby now. And the Celts winning the next 2 straight.
Me: [waddling away angrily] I married you. I actually chose this life.

*He's watched all the post-season games there. Obviously he can't break the streak. That would catastrophically affect the basketball universe.


  1. I guess the up side is that he didn't ask you to postpone your c-section date till after Game 7, right? Gotta look at the positive here Jul.

  2. Or you could look at it this way:
    Celtics lose game 6 or 7 while Cory is not at my house, it will obviously be his fault. And your second child's. That's a dark cloud to be born under.