Friday, February 26, 2010

Time Banking

I heard this really interesting story on NPR the other day about Time Banking. Basically time banking is a regional Web site in which members log hours and choose from hundreds of services. So you could offer and perform an hour of computer help for someone, bank that hour, then exchange it for an hour of someone coming over to clean up your yard. I think this concept is really innovative, especially given the rise in unemployment. It's also a wonderful community builder.

I don't quite know what services I'd offer... commentary on useless reality programming? Or, as my sister suggested, I could offer to go into people's refrigerators and condense their leftovers (see Non-Facebook 25ish Things list on the left hand nav bar.) So many talents, so little time.

What would you offer up to others?


  1. take someone & their kids fishing (all supplies included).

  2. That's a good one. What would you want in return?

  3. nothing. I pay it forward.


    Excel lessons.