Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, Husband

My husband is one of those people who would skip their birthday celebration if it was allowed (too bad it's not allowed in this house.) It's not because he's one of those annoying people that complains about getting older each year but instead he'd rather do without the fuss. That's kind of his personality in a nutshell. He's not as good at receiving as he is at giving. If that's the worst thing, someone can say about you, I'd say you're doing OK.

So happy birthday, my love. Here's to another wonderful 31 years of health and happiness.

P.S. About 5 years ago we were on a plane on his birthday, en route to the Bahamas with friends. I committed the ultimate offense in our marriage by asking the flight attendant to announce his birthday over the loud speaker. In my defense (is that a legal defense) I was drunk but I'd do it again. That's what makes our marriage work. I annoy and he gets annoyed. That's our special kind of love.


  1. is that a real dog in that picture?

  2. Uh, have you met my husband. Not exactly the dog whisperer. That was a ferocious stuffed dog outside a store in Provincetown.

  3. Hahahaaaa!! Happy Birthday, Cory!!