Friday, January 8, 2010

Why You Should Always Re-Read Email Messages Before Sending

Email I sent yesterday to a colleague at work:

A member of our team here in Boston is leaving the company and we have a going away lunch for him scheduled for 12:30. Is there any way we could cover my tittles first in this meeting? My tit

His response:

Happy to oblige. In your memo it looks as if you wanted to say something else, but only two words came through in the third sentence.

Oh my God.  Clearly I had meant to write, my titles but something went screwy. I ended my email to this prim and proper (so I thought) 75 year old guy with my tit.  Sweet. Best part was that spell-check didn't pick it up. Even better part is that he called me out on it. I had conveyed what he needed to know in the first 2 sentences. Obviously the my tit was a typo but he needed to draw attention to it. And oh ya, he replied all so that my higher up colleague was on the email too.  I am such a jackass.


  1. wow. just be happy he didn't reply asking to see them I guess?

  2. That made me laugh out loud! Priceless!

  3. This is my new favorite work-email mishap.

  4. It's like that email chain where the guy was saying that he doesn't sign his work emails "Regards" anymore because the "t" is too close to the "g."

  5. OMG...My Tittles and My Tit. Boobs on the mind much? This is awesome...

  6. It just keeps getting worse. I didn't even see the first typo of 'tittles.' Good lord, my brain is mush.