Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No Rhyme or Reason To This Post

I don't have anything coherent to report today. Just a jumble of thoughts.

  • I went on my annual college girls weekend this past weekend. Cory was appalled that we didn't turn on the radio on the 3 hour drive or the TV all weekend. Non-stop girl talk for 48 hours. Fantastic.
  • I am kind of over the characters of Jersey Shore. Although they did provide some funny fodder at our last family dinner. My brother got excluded from chicken cutlet night and ravioli night for not cleaning up his dishes. And Cory proclaimed that he will put in $1000 towards renting Snooky as my brother's date to my cousin's upcoming wedding. There's nothing like making a huge scene on the biggest day of a family member's life. Hell, I'll throw $500 in and host a ticket keg party to raise the rest.
  • I saw Precious earlier this week. I am still disturbed by the many disturbing scenes in that movie. Great acting though.
  • Is it bad that I am so competitive that I get personally offended when the candidate I vote for doesn't win? I've been in a bad mood all day over this Senate seat election. Not to get too political and not that I even loved Martha Coakley but damn it, now the Republicans have a chance. And don't get me wrong, the proposed health care bill does have its flaws but the current system is one huge flaw so something needs to be done soon. I should move to a Socialist country. Rant over.


  1. This outta raise your spirits You must play the vid.