Friday, January 29, 2010

Babies Having Babies

Has anyone had a chance to catch this gem on Lifetime? I've been blessed to watch a couple of minutes while flipping through the channels this week. Wow, it's all you would expect from a Lifetime movie: totally unrealistic dialogue, awful melodramatic acting, sensationalized 'factual' events, b-list actors... you get the drift. But damn, Camryn Manheim looks good (well, good for her.)

(If you don't remember the story from last year, you can read about it here.) Regardless if there was this so-called pact or not, the fact remains that teen pregnancy spiked at Gloucester High School and some teenage girls were intentionally trying to get pregnant. At the time, the national media picked up on this like the vultures they are.

So this begs the question, why is the public obsessed with teenage pregnancy? I am guilty as charged. Initially, I think shows like 16 and Pregnant did a good job of showing the real challenges of teen motherhood. But then MTV took it a step further (as they always do) and rewarded some of those moms with a follow up show, Teen Mom (thus extending their 15 minutes of fame.) Now they're doing another season of 16 and Pregnant. We can't seem to get enough of the train wreck. It's definitely a curious phenomenon.

Jezebel covered this topic much better than I can: Read more here.

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