Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nothing Says Christmas Like Guilded Butterflies

Thankfully, this was my year to decorate the Christmas tree. No colored lights or tacky ornaments this year, suckas. Cory was a total stick in the mud while I decorated, repeating over and over that I was "Ruining Christmas."

I believe I actually coined that phrase in reference to custody over the tree. It was our first Christmas in our new house and I cried that Cory would ruin our first Christmas here if he decorated the tree his way. I won that battle that year but thereafter the strict schedule was in place. I couldn't even pull the "You're ruining Beatrice's first Christmas with your tacky tree." My pleas fell on deaf ears.

I thought ahead at the end of last holiday season, knowing my year was next. I stocked up on decor like butterflies and blue ornaments and gold sprigs. Nothing says Christmas like guilded butterflies.


  1. Mel is gonna be jealous...I believe its Ryan's year. Our house is my year every year now. somehow all of the silver garland has been misplaced???

  2. Our colored lights went missing this year, whatever will we do next year?!?

  3. "you know how i squeezed out a baby 5 weeks ago? do you think it could be my year again, you know, to be nice?"

    Juliet's odd-year b-days will be fun-year trees. Starting now.

  4. ha! I wonder what else i can get b/c of the whole "baby" thing!