Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Got Nuthin'

I don't have much to share today. It's a rainy, gloomy Wednesday. I've been dealing with annoyances lately. We had to replace our credit card due to a 'security breach.'** It's a pain to change over all the things that get auto-paid on your credti card. I finally got a hold of the woman from the daycare we were supposed to send Bea to for a couple of mornings a week. There aren't any openings. Would have been nice if she was on the ball and told me that 2 months ago when we visited. So back to square one on that task. I finally got around to making doctors appointments, flu shot appointments, blah, blah, blah. I'm procrastinating on a work project I don't want to tackle. It's just one of those days.Tomorrow will be better.

** Did you know that the vendor isn't obligated by law to disclose to its customers that their databases were compromised? The credit card company doesn't necessarily get the info either. What the hell, I want to know.

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