Friday, October 23, 2009

Have a Good Weekend

I hope you have fun plans for the weekend. We are headed to a wedding tonight, then a spooky Halloween party at my mom's tomorrow**, then dinner with the gals on Sunday. What are you doing?

** While making our costumes last night, my husband did utter the words "I totally married right." So you know our costumes are totally abnormal. I'll post pics next week.


  1. "I totally married right" - does that really sound like something I would say? I have clearly been misquoted

  2. Ok so maybe I said, "You totally married right" and you agreed. Semantics.

  3. this is the first year in a long time that I am not dressing up for Halloween- my favorite day for a party. Hopefully, Melissa Jr. is born on Halloween so I can bust out Windy Guy every year.

    I may take our new camcorder tonight and tape my nephew play football (starting QB- cash $$). Then try to edit the footage & add the "Rudy" soundtrack.