Friday, August 21, 2009

Born Round

Yesterday I listened to this piece on NPR about newly retired food critic and author, Frank Bruni. I couldn't find the transcript of the interview but I did find an article in Time Out New York that contained the blurb I was looking for.*

"I think part of weight management is making sure the things that tempt you are not around all the time. You will never, ever find peanut butter in my cupboard, because for some bizarre reason, it’s my kryptonite. I am powerless around peanut butter. If I have a jar of really good—especially natural crunchy, not like Jiff crunchy—peanut butter, if I have it in the cabinet and allow myself to take one spoonful, it’s gone."

I am looking forward to reading his book, Born Round.

*I laughed aloud at this part in the interview because the night before I had just been describing to the girls my obsession with peanut butter and the fact that I can't keep it in the house. I spoke of it so passionately... I think Bri was blushing.


  1. OK, you could have written that line. I can't count how many times you have talked about your love/hate relationship with the beloved peanut butter.

  2. Bri was blushing - HAHA. I gave up candy a month ago, and literally just woke up and threw it all away. I just can't have it in my house! As delicious as PB is, I got turned off to it in San Diego when I accidentally left the jar somewhat open and returned to my house hours later to find ONE MILLION ants marching across the kitchen straight into the cabinet. Try that!!