Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Finger Foods

My precious girl, you love to eat. You've had a voracious appetite since the moment you entered this world. You are currently in a phase where you like to eat foods you can hold onto with both hands. You don't like when I cut the corn off the cob or slice up watermelon. You prefer to get your hands dirty.

A couple of nights ago at Nanny's house, I cut up some chicken and put it on your plate. Then I sat down and dug into my chicken leg. You kept reaching for my plate and motioning to my chicken until I finally gave it to you. You went to town on that leg like you were the reigning Lil Miss Chicken at the County Fair.

You have this habit (which Daddy and I hope you'll outgrow as you get older) of hovering over someone if they have food, kind of like a seagull at the beach. You would befriend the devil himself if he was wielding a Hostess cupcake.
Let's hope this appetite for food translates into an appetite for fun and adventure.

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